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The AFFILIATES Management

The main window is made of three areas:

  • The commands and menu bar.
  • A data manipulation (input/output) area. Input fields and Infos flags are available for data creation and modifications. The <Country> and <Profession> labels can be modified by the user via Parameters.
  • A filter and selection area.

On the command bar you will find several buttons that allow you to:

  • create a new member entry .
  • modify the selected member data
  • delete the selected member data .
  • save new/modified/deleted data   . This must be performed after each data modification.
  • cancel the present activity  
  • launch a search by keyword dialog window .
  • open a member history file  .
  • create a filtered by categories and Info flags listing 
  • edit the selected member address   in the GPE editor.
  • launch the Mailing printer scheduler .
  • create a member card  .
  • import a portrait
  • Send emails .
  • Direct access to a member folder.
  • Exit the program   .
The Menu bar gives you access to the Files manipulations, Parameters, Options and the Actions detailed as in the Command bar.

  No deep explanation of all these buttons is here required, plenty of information and warning dialog windows are displayed for most started action.
When the user feels secure enough with the program he can disable those infos via the options menu.

  Here follows some important features descriptions of the program.

  In the selection area, filters criteria (Categories) can be created via the parameters menu. 64 categories can be declared, the length of each shouldn't exceed 24 characters.
  The way you choose criteria s is completely free. The filter process will display all members whose 'Category' will match the clicked category button label.

  A 4 info flag toggle buttons set  is also available in the data display area. Here also, you can modify each info label as you like in order to fit your own management design.
Those categories and flags have impacts on mailing, emailing, listing and export selections.
A 'Boolean' operations on the flags status are available from the menu and are taken in account while filtering data.

Each member you will enter in your database will receive an ID number. Four different formats are available and selectable via the options menu.

  • A free string
  • The index value
  • The date + a free string
  • The date+ the index

Please keep the proposed birth data format as suggested, not doing so could have nasty impact on the member card design.

  Via the menu you can start a search process within all the History files database using the powerful GNU Grep facility. Results are displayed by GPE.

Archives facilities are available from the Files menu. You can create or retrieve pieces of archives.

Import and Export of data is provided via the Files Menu. It works with simple CSV type spreadsheet file and the separation symbol must be a  ' ; ' .
Data must be placed in the same order then the one of the window fields masks. If you use an automatic ID format (2-4) this value shouldn't be added.

Four Templates for filling up forms with data from a member can be setup from the Parameters menu and invoked from the Files menu.
Please remember the printing concepts for this feature.

Key bindings : some keyboard shortcuts are available.

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