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Version 2.4.3

Compiled under Debian Stable in 32 and 64 bits for Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, etc...
For other distributions please use the 'ALIEN' tool to convert the package.

Usually a simle click on the package file should start the package manager.
For manual installation:
(1) for the installation you need first to be administrator (root) and open a terminal or invoke 'su' or ' sudo - is for Ubuntu. You can also just click on the package icon to launch the packet manager.
(2) download jdc_x.y-z_i386.deb or jdc_x.y-z_amd64.deb in a directory.
(3) enter the command 'dpkg -i jdc-x.y-z_PLATFORM.deb' in this directory to install the package or dpkg-r jdc - en to remove it.
(4) without being administrator, launch 'jdc' and the application window should open...
(5) the menu Launcher is under the heading 'Education'.
(6) create a script files jdc-ps for your printing environment in the directory $HOME/bin or/usr/local/bin.(in exec mode).

(7) i18n gettext feature: download messages_jdc_po.txt

Version 2.5.3

Version 2.5.3 released on the 03/19/2020
Automatic installer in zipped format (900KB) Download

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