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This small program is dedicated to students and teachers. It allows you to create your school timetable, schedule and activities.
It allows you to save your school activities as in any journal of class or school diary.
Programmed in C++ and using libraries GTK-3 under Linux and have its own database.


  • Class log management is based on the week.
  • Up to 5 weeks types can be defined.
  • Each week is divided in 6 days and the day into 10 periods (classes).
  • Each time of day can be initialized with a course name, teacher and a local.
  • The names of classes, teachers, and local are stored in lists.
  • A comment entry window is available for each period (max. 500 characters).
  • The data are accumulated in a built-in database.
  • The GUI is based on GTK3 on Linux.
  • Printing a week timetable and the selected day.
  • Search for text in the database.
  • The working directory for Linux: $HOME/jdc_db
  • Export of the overall week and day selected to an internet browser makes visualization and printing more easy.
  • No limitation of operation at the time.
  • Simple to use...

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