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Attention: The program is now compiled under Debian Stable in 32 and 64 bits for Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, etc...
For the other distros, please use the Alien utility to transform the package to rpm or others.
Most Debian based distributions will start a package manager when you click on the package file(.deb).

Manual installation:
(1) for the installation you must first be administrator (root) and open a terminal or invoke 'su' or ' sudo - is for Ubuntu.

(2) download the file jdc_x.y-z_i386.deb in a directory

(3) enter the command ' dpkg -i jdc_x.y-z_i386.deb' in this directory.

(4) without being administrator, run 'jdc' and the window application should open...

(5) the menu Launcher is under Education.

First steps

You can give a general title via the settings menu, example: years 2014 - 2015...
If you are a teacher you should go into Professor mode via the settings menu.
You must first add the courses, teachers or classes, and premises via the settings menu.
From version 2.4, 5 week types can be used and so each week type receives a dedicated color.
The white weeks are considered as default. When the week is marked with another color the entries for the week will be filtered. In the option menu you can force the default values to be used if fields are empty for colored week.
For each course of the week select courses, teachers or classes, and classroom via the settings menu.
Your class log is at this stage structured and you can enter each comment by course selected by the days/course matrix. Remember to save each entry with the backup of the toolbar button.
You can visualize the day or schedule by exporting the data to the browser that gives you an alternative print and export to PDF format in general via the File/Export menu.


Operating in the year range spreads of 25 weeks in front and behind the current week.
The basis of work is divided in 6 days and 10 periods per day week.
Under Linux, to access the editing facilities, please click the right button of the mouse.
There are keyboard shortcuts for editing settings, backup, navigation, etc...(see the menu).
The Home key renewed the selection on the choice of days.
The backup extended selection on the choice of the periods.
Arrow keys (arrows) and tab control keyboard navigation, this allows an acquisition of fast data without the mouse. The edition of the day is sent to the default editor via xdg-open.
Print weekly grid on Linux to adapt a script /usr/local/bin/jdc-ps compatible with your printing environment (example below).

#! / bin/bash
# script jdc - ps
lpr $1
#evince $1

This 'script' must be executable (see: chmod)
Linux v2.3 translation system-from international I18n is implemented. The messages.po file is here. Please refer to the GNU for more info gettext utility.
A reset of database can be done via the menu and clears all existing entries.

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