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The purpose of the this application Suite is to manage a customer base in its commercial aspect by controlling the flow of transactions and goods.
After creating the data for suppliers and articles, this software allows you to record the movement of goods with the appropriate documents. The management of customer data base is therefore the last to be completed in the Suite setup.
The Customer management part is to be used at points of sales or within the accounting service. For all sales (output of goods), establishing one or several sending notes is needed. Billing is a process to be launched at suitable moment accordingly with the accounting schedule of customers.
For a retail trade where only a receipt is requested, the application can issue simplified invoices that fit for receipts printing.
The Management Suite is more suited to trade between professionals or specialized enterprises than with that of retail business.

The Suite is developed with an European point of view as the VAT concept is taken in account.
From version 3.0.1 a replacement to the VAT label can be used in the documents in order to fit none eurozone users need.
This Suite is made of three interactive parts to be used for small business management, the parts are:
  • The Customers Management
  • The Suppliers Management
  • The Stock Management

  These three programs can produce the needed documents and databeses to manage a small business, trying to keep the concept and design as general as possible.

The accounting aspect of the management is not presently supported, but we are open to any help/tip to implement it. (contact) . A first step in this direction is to provide the exportation of outgoing stock events in a log file using a CSV format that can be used as input for an accounting management.

These pieces of software are written in C and based on the Linux OS but have also been ported on MS-Windows. It is fast, light, 'stand alone' and easy to install, the user interface is based on the GTK libraries in order to give the Linux user his usual environment. Windows users will get the native Windows interface from 3.0.0.

  The programs are not using any external database structure and are designed to give the user an easy and direct manipulation approach.

  The database structure is fully text based and so gives a very easy access way to other programs. No other server  ( apache, php, ...) or database  (mysql, oracle ...) program is required to run this. You will be able to import or export data via Excel like (CSV) tables, so you can migrate to another utility if this one doesn't fit your expectations.

These applications will never attempt to connect to the Internet for registration or control of any kind. But the issues are limited in time(Two years at version release).

  The Linux version 1.0 and later can work in networking and need the NFS feature to be fully deployed (No direct network access is performed by the programs) .

  For Windows the version 2.5.4 and later implements also a networking capability.

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