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About the GPE editor

GPE is a very simple text editor that will be called by the core program when some text data has to be displayed or printed.
All documents from the Suite are ISO coded.
You can use any other editor you like. Just redirect the 'gpe' binary to your favorite editor using ln -s command.
The core program will generally issue text files that are 70 lines x 80 columns matrix formated and an A4 paper format is expected to be used.
For Linux users:
In order to print you have to create a small script named <gpe-prt> that will take a single parameter ( the passed GPE file name). This approach gives you full open door on what way the printing issues are handled.

Here next examples for none and Postscript able printers:

1) Please use the a2ps utility to translate your text to postscript format. (no more needed for version 1.3)

# script gpe-prt
a2ps -q -1  -B --borders=0 -o /tmp/ $1
gs-prt /tmp/

2) A script 'prt' called by 'gpe-prt'  to send the Postscript doc. to an Epson Stylus Color printer using Ghostscript tool .

# script gs-prt
gs -sDEVICE=stcolor -sOutputFile=/tmp/to.lpr -dNOPAUSE /usr/share/gs/6.53/ $1 -c quit
lpr /tmp/to.lpr

when using CUPS, please edit a simple script gpe-prt :

# script gpe-prt
lpr $1

These 'scripts' must be executables (voir: chmod) and placed in /usr/local/bin ou $HOME/bin.
A file must be saved before printing.

For Windows  users a native printer utility is added the to package to ease your printing requests.

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