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Last news

02/21/2024 New 3.4.3 version for Windows. Receipts implementation and bitmap fix.
09/01/2022 New 3.4.0 version for Windows. Security and delivery improvements.
10/06/2019 New 3.2.2 version for Linux. Bugfix with grep and scanner.
09/27/2019 New 3.2.1 version for Windows Bugfix.
02/06/2019 New 3.2.1 version for Linux. Bugfix, zbar code reader support.
07/22/2018 New 3.2.0 version for Windows and Linux expiring 01/31/2022
09/06/2017 New 3.1.0 version for Linux.Bugfix , payments follow up implementation.
09/01/2017 New 3.1.0 version for Windows, Bugfix , payments follow up implementation.
07/01/2017 New 3.0.6 version for Linux. Bugfix, Debian 9 update.
12/22/2016 New 3.0.5 version for Linux.
12/10/2016 New 3.0.5 version for Windows, Invoices enhancement (directly from sale stations, more details...)
10/17/2016 New 3.0.4 version for Windows, Bugfix, default docs language, new codes log for stock items.
09/27/2016 New 3.0.2 version for Windows, Networking reactivation.
09/20/2016 New 3.0.1 version for Windows, VAT label replacement possibility in documents.
09/17/2016 New 3.0.1 version for Linux, GTK-3 and VAT replacement possibility in documents.
09/09/2016 New 3.0.0 version for Windows, moving to Windows native GUI.
06/16/2016 New 2.6.1 version for Windows, bugfix html logo. Version 3.0 forseen in september.
07/19/2015 New 2.6.0 version for Windows and Linux, debug and implementation of documents export to HTML for electronic mailing.
06/20/2015 New 2.5.9(8) version for installation on Windows
05/20/2015 New 2.5.9(8) version for GREP issue on some Windows version
11/15/2013 New 2.5.8 version for Linux, now in a Debian(.deb) package. Works on Ubuntu, Mint Linux and all stable Debian based distributions.
11/11/2013 New 2.5.8 version for Windows, expiring 01/31/2016, cosmetic lift and correction for credit memo and import.
12/05/2012 New 2.5.7 version for Linux and Windows, expiring 01/31/2014, add of credit memo.
For version 2.5.6 please activate the Stock Auto in the Options.
For version 2.5.6 please turn the summary option ON.
12/05/2011 New 2.5.6 version for Linux and Windows, expiring 01/31/2013, Bugfix. Delivery selection at invoice creation
04/25/2011 New 2.5.5 version for Linux and Windows, expiring 01/31/2012, Bugfix.
11/05/2010 New 2.5.4 version for Linux and Windows, expiring 01/31/2012, barcode scan and Windows Network activated.
11/05/2009 New 2.5.2 version for Windows, expiring 01/31/2011
10/27/2009 New 2.5.2 version for Linux, expiring 01/31/2011
10/21/2008 New 2.5.1 version for Linux, bug fix, crash with summary without supplementary fields.
05/19/2008 New 2.5.0 version for Windows.
05/16/2008 New 2.5.0 version for Linux, bug fix, flags enhancement, supplementary fields in summary files.
08/25/2007 New 2.4.1 version for Windows, printers support improvement.
08/15/2007 New 2.4.0 version for Windows.
08/08/2007 New 2.4.0 version for Linux, bug fix, LSB 3.1, new country and address detail fields, VAT reference in documents.
05/29/2007 Version 2.3.0 recompliled for Debian Etch.
04/03/2007 New 2.3.0 version for Windows.
03/29/2007 New 2.3.0 version for Linux, bug fix, new management for goods receipt, new bar code and prices fields.
10/10/2006 New 2.2.0 version for Windows.
09/23/2006 Version 2.2.0 for Linux correction in search. Adding tags in history files to make a grep search easier. An effort to comply with LSB.
03/01/2006 Version 2.0.1 correction in documents layout with discount.
01/27/2006 A first English issue (2.0) for Linux ( GTK2 )

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