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The suite on a Linux platform can work in networking environement.
The under lying idea is to create some work stations (selling stations) with limited access that can rely on the same database.

The so called Selling stations, will be able to:

  • Create a new Customer data.
  • Create delivery documents.
  • Search and select in the Stock database.

Network setup:

1) Create a NFS server and install the Suite in local mode.
2) On the Selling stations install the Suite also in local mode. Then create a 'clients_nfs' directory in the $HOME of each station. These directories must be linked to the NFS server to the $HOME/clients one. This should be defined in  /etc/fstab and /etc/export files ( Please refer to the NFS Howto's ). When the 'clients_nfs' on the station is mounted you can turn the Suite in network mode.

For Windows, install the program on a 'server' machine and give the server's data directory to the other clients machines via the menu(Parametres).
Ensure access permission for the clients machines.
Activate the networking via the clients machines options menu.
Attention, the data are not protected.

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