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Problems and solutions ...

Possible crash when over passing the path and file names limits in some cases on Linux. Fixed on 3.2-1
Possible crash when over passing the categories entries limit. Please, edit the file ????.cat corresponding to the context in the clients directory.
The file remains locked after a delete action in stock management, please remove, fixed on 3.0.4 .
Possible failure of displaying the HTML logo, fixed on 2.6.1 .
If you can't open an item form the list, it is probably locked by a '???.lck' file extension in the $HOME/clients(Linux) or C:\clients_db\clients(Windows)directory. You can deleted this file if you are sure no one else is using the corresponding data. This can happen by an unsuitable exit even from the program.
To be able to see the files extensions in Windows you should tune it in the file explorer.

For Ubuntu user, you should go in su mode with the sudo -s command to install the package.

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