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The Prices:

You can manage prices with or without including the VAT value. This option is taken in account in Stock and Customers managements.
A tool is available to convert your all stock database on the chosen implementation. The option of price type you choose is not affected by this tool.

Totals calculations take the price types in account in all documents you rise.

The curency symbol is retrieved from your locals setup.

History file:

Here we gather all the Costumer and Suppliers initialized data and all the events attached to it.

                             Customer History
Customer Name : Godefroid
      Address : Rue de la Tasnière 74
         City : Genval
     ZIP Code : 1320
      Contact : Linda
  Tel Fax Gsm : 02 653 45 87
        Email :
         Type : ***
     V.A.T N° : sans
  Cat/Remarks : privé
    Reference : R0070
DELIVERY:    E0806-0001        CUSTOMER-REF: R0070         DATE: 18/09/2006
CODE   DESCRIPTION                                 -% QUANTITY PRICE(*)  VAT
2001   Fanta 25cl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     2        0.70      19
(*) Prices VAT incl.
~d> CUST.: Godefroid
~d> DELIVERY: E0806-0001
~d> DATE: 09 18 2006
INVOICE:  F0806-0001           CUSTOMER-REF: R0070         DATE: 18/09/2006
CODE   DESCRIPTION                                 -% QUANTITY PRICE(*)  VAT
                    DELIVERY: E0806-0001
2001   Fanta 25cl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     2        0.70      19
Total            :      1.18
Total VAT        :      0.22
Total to be payed:      1.40 $
(*) Prices VAT incl.
~i> CUST.: Godefroid
~i> INVOICE: F0806-0001
~i> DATE: 09 18 2006
~i> DUE:
~i> PAYED:

Tags are automatically added to copies informations  in order to make Grep search easier.
~i for invoices, ~d for deliveries, ~e for estimates, ~o for orders.

Spread Sheet:

In order to give you a way to import or export your data, a tool is available from the Menu.
It will produce a CSV formated document.

Tested with Gnumeric, Kspread et Excel.

Import conditions:
  •   The data must be in the same order as the fields in the concerned window.
  •   The Reference values are automatically produced, except for Stock.
  •   The elements in the CSV file must be separated with ( , ) and packed with (").
  •   ( ; ) is also accepted as separator.
  •   !!! NO check of the data content is made !!!
  •   To get an idea of what the CSV file should look like, just make an export of a trial data.
  •  The flags setting has a filtering effect on the data export.

HTML Export:

You can export documents created by the application to HTML format.
Logo, footnote and company address files needs to be entered via the parameters menu. The output is forwarded to the default web browser ( xdg-open is used for Linux ) . The logo file must be in JPEG format and not exceed 16 Kbytes.
From the browser you can save, print or convert to PDF.
An example...

The log file option:

The Log File option can be activated from Menu/Options/Log and will produce a record automatically at marchandise transfert or invoice/order edition. The stock update must be set on auto.
The Stock summary file is created automatically. You can add the supplementary fields in the summaries via the Menu/Options/Log setup. By having a look to these files content it's easy to understand the way fields are filled.
These 'CSV' files are created in the $HOME/clients directory.
  • summary_inv.csv (Invoices)
  • summary_stk.csv (Deliveries)
  • summary_sup.csv (Ordering)

Copies Directories:

This option provide directories where you can send a copy of the documents you are issuing for different purposes.
In this way it will bwe easy to have some control or over view on finance followup.
You can create branches in these directories where you move the documents depending on their actual status.


This suite supports 4 languages to issue documents.
In the field Cat/Remarks,  add one of these keycode.
  • l=nl  for Dutch
  • l=d for German
  • l=gb for English (default)
  • l=f  for French


It is possible to create archives with the data and documents of the suite, this can be triggered from the Menu. You can so keep only the pertinent documents and data in consideration for a defined period. The timing of these archiving actions is left to your own discretion...
The states of document counters is not affected, nor saved.
In case of system crash(Who knows...) you can reestablish a previous database.

Supplementary fields:

This option provides you a way to add 2 fields in the data capture and saving process. The fields denomination is free and the input is limited to 64 characters.
Please keep in mind, this is a not reversible action!


A discount % value can be entered when you issue a delivery document.
You can keep a discount % value upon an item in the stock database by adding the keyword  d=10 (for instance 10%) in the Cat/Remarks field.
% values are limited to two digits.

Credit memo:

Credit memos can be issued via the menu from the master station.
The graphic interface is similar to the shipping one.
A trace of the credit memo is added to the stock log file if summary and auto stock are activated.

VAT replacement:

From 3.0.1 it is possible to change the VAT label with a 4 characters long replacement for none Euro zone documents.

Default docs language:

From the menu you can select the default language to use when issuing documents.

Invoicing parameters:

The totals taxe free and taxes for each position can appear on invoices. To be set via the Option menu.
For small currency value, decimals can be deleted on invoices. To be set via the Option menu.

Invoices payments follow up:

The $ flag can be used to show pending invoice payments for a customer. This can be activated from the Menu > Flags. Clearing all $ flags should be done before choosing this feature.
Three levels of payment delays can be defined: pd0 is the default one, pd1 and pd2 can be set from Menu > Parameters.
Each customer can have its payment delay assigned by adding the pd1 or pd2 tag in the Remarks field. The pd0 is the default one (direct/cash payment).
A notice is added on the invoice document stating the payment delay. The history file is affected by the payment delay processing.
The Log file option MUST be activated for the payment delay processing.
A list of payment status can be extracted from the Log file from Menu > Payment list.
The payment recordings are accessible from Menu > Payment(alt g), only from the master station.
The invoices documents are moved in the copies directories from New to Payed automatically.
The payment delay processing will be applied only for invoices issued from the release 3.1 of the Suite.

The barcode reader Zbarcam :

Works only under Linux... Please Install the zbarcam Package from your distribution. This tool give you the capability of reading barcodes from the PC cam.
Try it from a terminal ( command: zbarcam ).
You can enable the zbarcam from the deliveries and estimates windows menu. Note that the encoding part of the reading is ignored by the program.


Some commands are protected by a password. You can modify it via the menu Action.
The password is initialized with 6 zeros.
To remove the password efficiency enter 'nopass' as password.
The Receipts option changes the traditional billing behavior. It is available for a simplified point of sale (Checkout).
A delivery note is blindly created and the copy of the receipt is sent to GPE for printing.
It is desirable to monitor the number of delivery notes saved to limit the borrowing on the hard drive.
Currently the ticket layout takes into account the header created for HTML export.
Setting the printer to A6 format is desirable to save paper.
The purpose of the A6 format is to be able to use a conventional printer that is sometimes less expensive than a thermal.
The copy of the tickets is not sent in the history but appears in the log.
Printing on a thermal or classic printer is targeted via the default printer.
You need to install the printer driver in windows. Under linux ESC/POS codes are sent directly to the printer which must be in 'RAW' mode.
The user must change the default printer if switching from receipt mode to A4 and vice versa.

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